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The legend of Thérèse

Thérèse was my grandmother, she marked my childhood and my life in general.

By creating this brand, I wanted to pay her homage and make her first name resonate at every moment in my daily life.

Thérèse was an exemplary grandmother, as we would all like to have. Certainly she had character and that is also what was attractive about her, she had character but she radiated through her kindness and all the love she gave off.

She was the incarnation of a flawless woman ... except perhaps one if I think carefully, gluttony !


Some would think that by creating this brand, I had drawn my biscuit inspiration from an old recipe book jealously kept secret at the bottom of a drawer of the old family china cabinet.


No, I'm not going to invent the story, but it is the memory of those Sundays that I spent alone with my grandmother, moments when she transmitted to me the art of having fun by tasting a chocolate or by crunching in a delicious cookie, which made me want to freeze these magical moments in the brand of our cookies.

Image de Christian Bowen

Why "les caprices"?

Les caprices - the whims - refer to the one who supports me and whom I support in this adventure of the passion for a well done job… yes, Julie my co-pilot is very capricious… but just as precious!


Our biscuits are not just products, they are above all the fruit of the work of a whole team passionate about their work and dedicated to their family business, where everyone is looking in the same direction… that of perfection to satisfy your taste buds.


The founder, Eric

Our engagements


We have hosted a beehive to help our bees fly.


Organic waste from the biscuit factory is recycled.

The used eggshells are recycled as an agricultural amendment.


Our raw materials are mainly regional.

Image de Damien TUPINIER

Our unique biscuit manufacturing site is classified as a “very satisfactory site” by the Haute Vienne Department of Veterinary Services, on the site of the Ministry of Agriculture. It recently obtained one of the highest levels of certification in the food industry, the IFS certification.

Our team, always at the forefront of the latest agri-food standards, strives to provide the highest level of product safety on the manufacturing site.

Our cookies are hand-baked.


Our eggs are real shell eggs from hens raised in the open air in Charentes-Maritimes.


We work exclusively with noble and premium raw materials:

  1. Eggs, from hens raised in the open air.

  2. Charentes-Poitou PDO butter

  3. Fleur de Sel from Ile de Ré

  4. Biscuitière flour from Vienne.

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